Social Media in the Classroom

Before we begin:

Why do classrooms need to change?

Back Channel

Obligations to Learn

What is Social Media?

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Let's Pick Four






Give it a Try (Being A Consumer)

1. 2 Choices:
Option A: In the search field on Twitter, enter the hashtag for your content area. From the feed, identify one new resource you might be able to use.
Option B: Using the search field on Pinterest, find a new lesson, website, or idea you might be able to use (try searching through the AEA boards!)

2. Share the resource you found in the Google Doc linked below

One More Time! (Being a Producer)

1. Go to the above listed "Twitter Chat" resource and find a hashtag that applies to you, your course of study, or is just something you are interested in.

2. Locate the URL for one of your favorite resources - website, app, lesson plan, etc. This can be one you just found in the first activity or one you already know about and really think others should know about too!

3. Create a tweet that highlights that resource - be sure to include the hashtag you identified!

4. Copy and paste your tweet into the Google Doc below in the appropriate field.

Google Doc

Additional Resources

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